Corporate Information

Feat Industriale

Closed die hot drop forged carbon, alloy, super alloy and stainless steel. Machined & not machined products from 0.1kg - 450kg.
ISO 9002.
Metalmeccanica Lombarda

Precision forging of carbon and alloy steel with Hatebur Hotmatic presses. Machined and not machined products from 20g to 4500g.
Petrol Fittings

Forged carbon, stainless and alloy steel. Branch connections, fittings and butt-welding.
ISO 9002.

Lifting devices of forged carbon and alloy steel. Products vary from 0.16 kg to 1500 kg.
Feat Machining

Specialized in mechanical products and the machining operations of Feat Group.
Feat Commerciale

Diversified drop forged steel & brass. Machined & not machined products. Std. flanges to DIN/ANSI, or flanges to customer's drawing.

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